Would you like to play an ENERGY EFFICIENCY match? This is all you need to know.

In order to ensure that your house is ENERGY-EFFICIENT, we must comply with ENERGY-EFFICIENCY standards.


The insulation of the walls must be improved and that can be achieved by increasing the thickness of the insulation embedded in the exterior walls. The purpose is to prevent as much as possible the exchange of energy between the external and internal environment of the house.

It is necessary to ensure that the house is properly sealed, in order to avoid "air leaks" through eventual cracks that might have appeared during the construction of the house or during the installation of windows, electrical and plumbing installations.

Windows must comply with high standards, which are valid for ENERGY-EFFICIENT premises.

In order to comply with ENERGY EFFICIENCY requirements and ensure a comfortable and happy life, designers must pay attention to the orientation of the house in relation to the environment, where the house is built. It is very important that the house is correctly oriented in relation to the source of sunlight.

The technical documentation for the production of the building must be optimized, so that the elements used in the production process ensure more comfortable work while insulating the house in the workshop and on the field.

All the suspended elements must be carried out according to the PREFABRICATED building system in CONTROLLED WORK CONDITIONS. Only assembly will be performed on the spot.

The manufacture of your building in our production facilities ensures:
1. Maximally insulated premises
2. The fast and precise construction of your premises