Nowadays, when rising energy prices announce an imminent crisis, we are becoming increasingly aware of the need for the rational use of energy. Sustainable development is no longer just a concept from specialized literature, but it has become an integral part of both, European legal standards and the way of life of European citizens.

When we build your house, we try to meet all the standards of environmentally sustainable production. Given that energy sources are limited, together we must develop an awareness of the need to build environmentally friendly buildings.

– Basic material we use to build your house is wood, as well as the materials used in wood processing. The energy necessary to process the wood used in the production of your house is significantly less than the energy necessary to process the materials used in other construction systems.

– When we talk about ecology, we must take care of the energy required to produce the materials that we use for the construction of the house

in a healthier living environment

Your house should be built of environmentally friendly and healthy biological materials.

Wood has a positive effect on human health and it is the healthiest building material. The walls are covered with odourless plasterboards, which have the same pH value as the human body and, therefore, are completely harmless. This guarantees a natural quantity of moisture in the air, as well as a suitable climate in premises, where people can live and work comfortably.

Our construction type is classified as dry construction. When a house is built this way, we maximally avoid wet construction, which is characteristic for other construction types.