About Us

House of Scandinavia

HOUSE OF SCANDINAVIA is a company created after decades of experience in design, construction and equipping of residential and commercial buildings, as well as in the manufacture of furniture according to your needs.

HOUSE OF SCANDINAVIA = production + construction of houses, offices and residential buildings.

The team of HOUSE OF SCANDINAVIA is mainly oriented to the manufacture and installation of premises for you.

Our goal is to build the house of your dreams, and also to take care to reduce energy cost needed for a comfortable and healthy life.


Custom Made Houses

We are here to transform your wishes into reality, so that your dream house might come true.

Select, project, dream and imagine something entirely yours... Or, if you already have a project, come and consult us.

We will offer you a solution that complies with all the requirements for the construction of low-energy or passive houses, according to your project and ideas.